Tejas Pavilion

  Tejas Community Pavilion was constructed by Tejas Center, Ltd. (“Owner”) for the
benefit of the Brazos Valley community. The Pavilion was established to house
fundraising and display activities directly benefitting the less fortunate among us, and
secular and nonpolitical educational, youth and artistic endeavors. The Pavilion was not
established for and is not intended as a forum for the expression or promotion of any
particular ideology, or to assist fundraising primarily benefitting such expression or
promotion, although church or other religious organization fundraising activities
benefitting relief efforts or such educational, youth or artistic endeavors are welcome.
Pavilion rules and regulations:

1. Pavilion reservations are made on a first-come, first-serve basis. No organization
or individual, including any affiliated organization or individual, can use the
Pavilion for more than two consecutive days or more than ten days within any one
year period.

2. A deposit of $50.00 must be paid by cash, cashier’s check or money order at the
time the Application is submitted.

3. The deposit will be refunded, by return or check payable to the order of the
organization or named individual and mailed to the responsible person’s address
shown on the Application, only if the Application is denied, or after the event is
conducted as described in the Application and the Pavilion is left clean,
undamaged, and free of trash and debris.

4. No alcoholic beverages are permitted on the Pavilion premises.

5. Dogs must be kept caged or on a leash at all times.

6. No livestock, pony rides, tents or other structures are allowed without Owner’s
prior written approval.

7. All vehicles must only park in the designated parking lot area.

8. No Pavilion activity may be conducted between one-half hour after sunset and
one-half hour before sunrise, and all activities must conclude before one-half hour
after sunset.

9. Any Pavilion use license granted by Owner may be revoked, immediately and
without prior notice, upon a determination to so revoke by any authorized agent of
Owner, in such agent’s sole discretion.

10. All event activities must at all times comply with all applicable governmental
regulations, including regulations applicable to any special event (generally more
than 100 visitors), food or beverage service, and signs. Special Events permits are
issued by the City of Bryan (209-5528). Food and beverage service permits are
issued by the Brazos County Health Department (361-4450).

Community Pavilion
Tejas Pavilion Application